5 Practical Functions of PBX Phone System You Must Know About

5 Practical Functions of PBX Phone System You Must Know About

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A PBX phone system is an indispensable part of a modern office. Having a PBX system at office is one of the prime actions topping the check-list of activities that need immediate attention while set-up or renovation. Communication with a personality – this is what a PBX phone architecture offers to the users who love sounding professional while getting approached by the external entities. Listed here are 5 most practical functions that PBX performs and offers seamless communication.

  1. Records voice messages for any extension number:

No person in office misses anything when he is approached through phone, even when he is not around. The PBX system can record the voice message that the receiver can listen to after coming back to the workstation.

  1. Offers a menu of options to the caller while connecting him to the extension number:

If anything else pops up in the mind while making a call, one can listen to the menu to explore possibilities and pick more relevant way of communicating. Things do not stop at automated answering only; the world of options grows on a PBX in all directions after this point.

  1. ACD systems for making distribution of calls more even:

The management of incoming calls is made as accurate as having hit the bull’s eye. The calls are distributed to the employees in a way that helps save callers’ time.

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  1. Allowing use of incoming call as branding medium:

You can upload the jingle or any branding material or a customized message and run it when the caller needs waiting to hear from the person on the extension number dialed.

  1. Internal transferring of calls between extensions:

The receiver can transfer the call to other internal extension in case of mistake.

How you communicate talk a lot about your attitude, let the PBX phone become the voice of your brand; install it today!

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