9 Ways to Make Free Calls

9 Ways to Make Free Calls

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How to call for free? How to make free calls on your mobile phone? How to call cheaper internationally? Mobile, Mac and PC applications make it possible to use the Internet to make free calls around the world. While the “Free Call” feature on Facebook has just come out and applications like ezTalks or Line are exploding, here are 10 ways to make free phone calls on iPhone, Android or on your computer.

1. Free video call with ezTalks Meetings

ezTalks Meetings is a free video conferencing software. You can use it to make a free video call with your customers, co-workers, or friends and family members. Its free version allows you to conduct or join a conferencing with up to 100 people at any time, from anywhere. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android and iOS gadgets.

2. Telephoning for free with Facebook Hello

Facebook Hello allows you to make free calls with VoIP, allowing you to make and receive calls to your friends and also to and from any contact.

3. Call for free with Facebook

Facebook Messenger is Facebook’s mobile application that allows you to chat with friends, send free SMS messages over the Internet, make free calls to your contacts when they are connected via WiFi and even make video calls.

4. Telephoning for free with WhatsApp

WhatsApp’s Appeals feature, which is now being tested with a limited number of users, now allows all of us to make phone calls via the network.

5. Call free with Skype

Skype is a software to call free. Skype conference callallows you to call a friend on a computer connected to the Internet from your own computer while enjoying the video. You can also organize videoconferences for several people. Skype also allows you to call mobile phones, but requires you to purchase credits beforehand.

Skype for mobile phone makes it possible to call other mobile or fixed phones free using a WiFi or 3G connection (like Skype on PC and Mac). Skype also allows you to make video calls and therefore see your caller, send SMS without paying as well as photos.

6. Free calling with Viber

Viber is an application for making free calls between mobiles and sending SMS, mms and photos without going through the network of the operator but using the Internet.

Viber is now also available as a desktop application – “Viber for Desktop” – and will not only allow you to call on your mobile, but also from a computer (PC, Mac or Linux). As with Skype, you can also make calls to fixed phones and mobile numbers in your country and internationally by paying this time.

7. Calling Line for free

Line is a fast-growing application that allows you to call for free on a phone (voice and video) and send SMS and photos.

8. Phoning for free with Google Hangouts

Gmail’s Google Hangouts feature allows you to contact your entire directory for free if they are online when you want to call them. Simply click on the contact in the chat list and select the “Start a video call” icon. It is then possible to integrate several people for a video conference. The chat and call interface can be installed on the desktop as well as at the right time of MSN Messenger (merged with Skype since).

Google Hangouts on mobile allows you to call free to a mobile or a fixed from a tablet or a mobile phone while sending SMS and mms free. Google Hangouts conference callalso allows you to organize videoconferences by gathering up to 10 people.

9. Calling for free on Mac

FaceTime allows you to call Apple devices (iPhone, iPad or Mac) from a computer or mobile device and to make audio and video conversations using the Internet rather than your operator package.

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