Choosing a CNC Spindle

Choosing a CNC Spindle

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There are hundreds of CNC spindles available, each one optimised for a different purpose – so choosing the right one for you can sometimes seem like a challenge. However, to make the decision less complex, we at CNC Robotics Ltd have worked through the hundreds of CNC Spindles and narrowed them down to a set of four excellent all-round milling spindles, which come preattached to our milling robots and already configured to work with them, allowing you to install the robot and get to work without worrying about your CNC Spindle configuration!

The four selected types of milling spindle available from CNC Robotics have all been chosen in association with our partners at CNC Support, and are all made by the specialist CNC Spindle Machine manufacturer, HSD. Each of them is ideal for a wide variety of uses, from soft materials like plastic and foam to harder materials including wood, aluminium, and even steel and stone.

What kinds of CNC Spindle Machine are there?

CNC Spindles may be used for a wide range of applications, and each application has its own specialist type of spindle. If you need one of the following specialist CNC spindles, CNC Robotics can help – just get in touch and let us know what it is you need, so we can equip your CNC robots appropriately.

Drilling Spindles are the spindles required to drill holes in hard materials, providing much stronger drilling ability than any other spindle type.

Boring Spindles are spindles used to mill the inside surfaces of rounded, hollow items like the interior surfaces of gears and cogs, or in interior diameters of machined hollows.

Grinding Spindles can be equipped with grinding wheels, which allow them to very precisely shape and grind surfaces, with different gradings of grinding wheel used to achieve different finishes on the surface as required – course gradings for shaping and grinding, fine gradings for smooth, polished finishes.

Tapping Spindles can cut threading into a bored hole, creating the perfect conditions for a screw or bolt to fasten into the hole.

Wheel Dressing Spindles are a very specific type of CNC Spindle used exclusively for manufacturing and maintaining abrasive contact wheels, like those found on a Grinding Spindle.

Tuning Spindles are used with lathes, making them suitable only for a very specific subset of CNC machining.

Hobbing Spindles are specially designed to cut in the teeth of gears or cogs, and:

Milling Spindles are able to be used with a variety of tools and are good all-round CNC spindle machines – for this reason, CNC Robotics stocks them as standard.

The milling spindles that CNC Robotics carries are all specifically chosen for quality and versatility, providing your CNC robots with top-of-the-line HSD milling spindles. However, if you require one of the specialist CNC spindle machines listed above, just let us know by calling our contact line on 0151 523 8009 or visiting our Contact Page! Our experts will be more than happy to work through your requirements and help you find the perfect CNC spindle for your needs.