Convert YouTube Video to Gif on Mac

Convert YouTube Video to Gif on Mac

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Elmedia player pro will help you to convert your videos into gif on mac. It makes your work of making small moments from a movie easy. The files get saved in the gif format on the MacBook in your folder. It is necessary to download videos to your hard drive before you actually convert the YouTube video into gif on your mac. The steps are easy and simple. Upgradation to pro version of Elmedia player after downloading is important. After this the activation code can be bought from the developers’ website. Elmedia player pro should be turned into browser mode. After this just paste the link of the YouTube video and press enter. Your file will be downloaded, now you can make gifs of the videos.

To convert the videos into gif you have to first start the playback of the same video that you downloaded. Now there would be a preferences icon, open it and select capture. Now from there you can select gif format which would be mentioned in the list. The interval of gif should be 0.1 seconds to 10n seconds and you will also be allowed to choose ‘frame by frame’ option. The next step is to click on playback the next option that come is record a series of screenshots. From here the gifs start making. If you need just one screenshot you have to right click during playback on the movie and then freeze the screen.

The images are saved in TIFF, JPEG, PNG forms. Thusyou see that”Elmedia Player PRO is a great solution to convert video to Gif on Mac”. There are many options to make animated gif. There are other offers that are provided through various apps to convert videos to gif.

Toconvert video to GIF mac there are few other options like,, and These options help to preview the animated gif, to make gif stay online and to resize gif respectively.