CooTek’s TouchPal Keyboard is A Big Boom in Android Keyboard Industry

CooTek’s TouchPal Keyboard is A Big Boom in Android Keyboard Industry

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Most Android users generally rely on the default keyboard applications that come pre-installed on the device. But, there are myriad options for third-party Android keyboard app on the Google Play Store. These different keyboard apps come with amusing themes, new features, advanced swiping options, and extremely customizable layouts.

When it comes to a third-party keyboard, there is constantly a risk of key loggers and additional malware. However, as Android’s range of keypad is incessantly evolving, the need for a well-organized keyboard feels like a need to stay up to date on the newest features. So, you have come up with a list of seven trusted and safe third-party Android keyboard apps which you can use as an option to your default keyboard.

Probability is that it’s been a while since you last looked into varying keyboards. There’s no hesitation that the whole Android ecosystem has taken huge steps forward in the past few years when it comes to things like suggesting right spellings for words as you type. Cootek TouchPal Keyboard, nevertheless, can do much more for you than just fix your faults.

An imposing AI-powered keyboard application doing a little effectual in a space where innovation is scarce

The resulting outcome is one of those apps that, after you’ve been using it for a minute, it becomes not possible to go back. You might think your keyboard’s analytical text is ‘excellent enough,’ but once you get used to this popular keypad contextually smart AI engine you’ll notice how much slower you type going back to a standard keyboard.

The TouchPal keyboard app’s prediction correctness is superbly accurate, and people have seen a significant growth in typing pace through regular use. This keypad does this by taking into account the whole conversation and the content you’re vigorously typing, anticipating things like gender-correct pronouns.

Although TouchPal Pro will provide you the auto-correction and forecast that you certainly have come to expect, it takes it even further than that. You will also obtain emoji suggestions, which can be much simpler than hunting for the right one and is clearly more fun than just plain text. If emoji aren’t your thing, TouchPal Pro also can recommend GIFs to actually spice up your discussion.

A brand new quality to Cootek TouchPal Pro is AR Emoji. With your microphone and front-facing camera to precisely pick up your facial expressions, you can make small recordings of emoji that will do and say immediately what you do.

For persons who don’t be acquainted with TouchPal Keyboard, it provides improved features from your existing iOS device keyboard by providing predictive text and swipe typing alternative. The swiping feature allows you to kind with just one hand by gliding over the letters. It even helps you to keep away from embarrassing typos.

Besides with these features, the app present swipe typing that makes it easier to type with no lifting your fingers from the keyboard. This quality “helps make sure that you stay error-free” in your texting, as said in our review.

It also offers smart predictions via award-winning AI technology. It really learns your exclusive writing style and adapts its predictions consequently.

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