eSports And Its Spectacularly Bright Future

eSports And Its Spectacularly Bright Future

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Even 15 years ago if you asked people about eSports, you would most likely encounter a lot of blank looks. But 15 years is a long time and eSports is slowly becoming a household name. It’s true that this is still a sports for younger people but there are some eSporting tourneys that are actively trying to attract middle aged or older people.

Who would have thought the video gaming could become a spectator sports. But it is now a burgeoning market. The industry is growing by leaps and bounds and more and more people are looking at playing video games as a legitimate career option. If you have the skill then you can make it in eSports.

Not as easy as it seems

When you hear that the prize pool for Dota 2 is almost $20 million, you begin to understand why youngsters dream of being professional gamers. However, just like any other job, this one needs a lot of hard work. It’s not all fun and games however. The top teams practice for nearly 8 to 10 hours per day for years, and during tournament season the practice sessions can run for fourteen to sixteen hours even. How much a player can earn depends on their skill and also the games they play.

For example, someone who plays Dota2 has much better earning opportunities compared to someone who plays Starcraft2 or League of Legends. Some of the game developers are actively working to make their games appealing to professionals. So, they have allowed crowd funding so that the prize pool can be increased. They are also allowing special in-game items that bear the logos of the playing teams. These skins can be bought by players and the proceeds in part are given to the teams whose logo the item bore.


eSports betting

For a diehard fan of eSports, betting brings an opportunity to make some money and have some fun. Websites like actively caters to eSports enthusiasts. But before you jump into betting, you will need to learn about the various teams that are playing the game.