Few Unfamiliar Aspects in Digital Camera That Needs To Be Considered

Few Unfamiliar Aspects in Digital Camera That Needs To Be Considered

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Prices of compact digital cameras and powerful DSLR models are dropping, but new features are getting added persistently, offering more than what you pay.

You may be aware that you need to consider the quality of the lens, megapixel and fast processor, but there are several other aspects that need to be looked into. You may be confused at the terms like facial detection, interchangeable lenses, or image stabilization. Moreover, you may not know which feature is worth considering and which is not.

Few unknown factors that needs to be considered

Image stabilization technology

Ease of using digital camera has become favorite pastime for novice picture takers. However, sometimes their pics turn blurry due to shaky hands or moving subject or both. A camera using image stabilization technology ensures to sharpen photo using hardware or software solution. Use a tripod to stabilize the shot.

Facial detection technology

Digital cameras equipped with face detection technology can automatically adjust focus and lighting to faces. Some cameras have built in algorithm to detect 8 to 10 different faces in a scene.

New cameras include smile shutter option, which does not take pics until you smile. However, this feature needs to be switched off, when you take candid shots instead of posed.


Interchangeable lenses

Optical and digital are two types of zoom in digital camera. Optical brings camera operator near the subject without moving physically. Digital zoom changes the presentation of current data by speculating where extra pixel should go creating an illusion that user is near the subject.

A compact digital pocket camera provides minimum 3X optical zoom but you can visit 42nd Street Photo Electronic Store to buy 10X optical zoom to capture your young ones face playing soccer in the fields. Digital SLR cameras are equipped with swap lenses, so you can opt for telephone lens to attain extra long zoom.

Video recording

Latest DSLR models allow users to shoot videos with HD quality and have LCD screen for live view. Even check battery life, in-camera editing features, built-in art filters and burst mode.