Getting iCloud Calendar Synced to Android

Getting iCloud Calendar Synced to Android

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When it comes to Apple, there is simply no means by which you will be able to sync iCloud calendar with Android.

If you are wondering for ways by which you could sync iCloud calendar with Android then we have a way for you.

The solution to your query lies in the app called SyncMate. SyncMate, an app that can sync iCloud calendar with Android is an outstanding app and you can now make the best use of it. It will provide you with the chance of syncing iCloud with Android directly without having to transfer any data to one’s Google account.

Mentioned below are a few facts about SyncMate which you should know about. Keep reading below for more information on this app:

SyncMate undeniably is quite a resourceful app, especially in the case of Mac. It will help to sync data on the computer with a good number of online accounts and devices.

Calendars and contacts get quickly synced for all sorts of supported devices and that too for free. Just in case you want to get more data and stuff synced such as music, pictures, folders, and other files, then you should definitely try out SyncMate Expert.


Now syncing iCloud calendar together with Android gets easy and quick. All you need to do is follow the steps mentioned below:

At first you need to get the automatic synchronization activated between Mac and iCloud. This way the data that is stored in the iCloud account will get synced to your system or computer. Hence, contacts, calendar and all other data from Mac to Android will get quickly synced.

Next you need to get SyncMate installed on your Mac. You then would have to open SyncMate if you want to go through the primary menu window.

After this you need to click on the “Add new” option which will be located towards the left side on the list. Now to Mac you need to get your device connected.

You then need to get the “+” button option clicked, which will be located at the top panel. After this from the plugins list you would need to select Calendars. Now get the sunc settings adjusted accordingly as needed by you.

Click the “+” button in the top panel choose Calendars from the plugins list. Adjust sync settings as required.

In case you are facing any issues with getting automatic sync established between Mac and iCloud, you get in touch with Apple support. Else you can also get SyncMate sync data which will get transferred through iCloud to Mac.


More so for iCloud and Android, SyncMate will conveniently support iOS, other Macs, Mto and mounted devices. It will also additionally support Dropbox and Google accounts, as well as Windows services.