How Archive Manager Manages a Very Large File System

How Archive Manager Manages a Very Large File System

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MLtek’s Archive Manager Works at the level of the file system and this enables it to seamlessly integrate with any solutions you already have. Such as:

  • MS Search Server
  • DFS
  • De-Duplication

Simply put it enables the movement of an unlimited number of files from the first line storage to an old device.

Powerful and efficient

For an idea of how powerful and efficient this program is, the largest storage system of files that is currently being managed by Archive Manager is 3.4 PetaBytes. That is 3,400 TB of files, folders and document storage. That entire storage system is managed by one single copy of Archive Manager Datacenter edition.

Many ways to arrange

There are many ways to arrange Archive Manager and this specific client chose to set up his program without committed storage. They first wanted to archive files to a committed device but had not allot in the budget for surplus storage.

New share

When working without any dedicated storage, this program used a new share created on the live volume of storage in order to store only old files. This new share is configured as the target for all archive jobs. Since Archive Manager is completelycompanionable with Windows Servers inherent de-duplication and compression these features were empowered on the new share to compress and de-duplicate the archived files.


Tasks were then configured to migrate any files that had not been opened in the last three years from the live system to the newly compressed and de-duplicated share. This combination of compression together with de-duplication means old files now were only taking up less than 50% of original space with a PetaByte of space freed up.

Archive Managers

Daily backup

The client saw a huge reduction in the amount of data they were backup on a daily basis. The old files were backed up once a month after the monthly archive task was completed.

Only single copy

All of this was made possible without deploying any additional storage and only a single copy of the program Archive Manager installed to only a single small VM.

This should answer any questions of how efficient the program is….the answer…very, efficient.

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