How Can Programming Improve Your Career Opportunities?

How Can Programming Improve Your Career Opportunities?

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According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, job openings for programming-related work reached 7 million in the year 2015. What is more, demand for web developers is expected to increase by 27% in the next eight years.

Given that there are 3.4 billion people on the Internet and a growing number of businesses going online, there is a lot of opportunity for web developers in the next few years. If you’re looking to boost your career prospects and pick up some technical skills, web development is definitely for you.

Here are some ways programming can help your career.

  1. Great Salary

On average, programming-related work can earn you $60,445 a year. What is more, 49% of all jobs that pay over $58,000 require coding in some form. It’s no wonder more and more people are getting into programming and other related fields.

In fact, you don’t even have to be a web developer or a software engineer to benefit from coding knowledge. Coding translates well into many different fields such as design, IT, social media management, digital marketing, and many others. It’s a skill that adds a new dimension to your repertoire and puts you above your peers.

If you lack formal education in programming, don’t worry. You can learn how to code in just a few weeks by enrolling in a coding bootcamp.


  1. Better Job Security And More Opportunities

As the world moves towards technology, more and more jobs are being outsourced or automated. Programming gives you a leg up moving into the future. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, programming related jobs are growing at a rapid pace. In 2015 alone, there were 7 million job opportunities in coding related fields. What is more, experts expect job demand to continue growing at double-digit percentages in the coming years.

Plan for the future and pick up skills that allow you to adapt to new technology. Doing this gives you greater job security and makes you more competitive as the world continues to go digital.

  1. More Opportunities To Freelance

Imagine not having to commute to work…or, better yet, working from anywhere in the world. Computer-based work like programming allows you to work from anywhere, provided you have a reliable Internet connection.

In the US, freelancers make up roughly 34% of the entire workforce. That’s about 53 million people! Take advantage of today’s connectivity and work from anywhere in the world. What is more, you can choose your own clients and be your own boss.

A study by Harvard Business Review showed that freelancing and working from home actually improves your productivity and job satisfaction levels. Not only does freelancing let you gain freedom and flexibility, it’s the perfect setup for creating the best work of your career!

Worried that programming is too technical for you? It’s actually easier than it looks. Programming schools such as the Houston Coding Academy can teach you to code in a matter of weeks. Plus, it will only cost you a fraction of what you would pay for a degree course. Now that’s a great deal!

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