How Telepresence Allow you to explore the World?

How Telepresence Allow you to explore the World?

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Telepresence technology has evolved significantly in the last few years. A recent development that makes of mobile app and cloud-based technology is about to change everything. Now you can have your own Avatar in another place while you are sitting at home or office and have that Avatar to do whatever you want. Get hi-tech video and audio streamed to your device and direct your Avatar using GUI based commands.

Who are Avatars?

Avatars are people who offer their services for a fee. It could be anyone located in any part of the world and you can hire their physical presence to experience a remote location or do anything. You can direct them to do anything you want with high-level commands. You can get hi-tech video and audio stream of what they are doing without being physically present there.

Explore the World

Such telepresence technology allows you to hire an Avatar who can go wherever you want them to and do whatever you want. If you like to visit places, but don’t have the time and resources for it, you can do so using this system. Visit a city through an Avatar located in that city and roam around and check all the key attractions. All the live feed will be provided to your device, allowing you to experience everything. The technology uses a GUI based interaction system that involves high-level commands.

Cloud-Based Technology

This is a cloud based technology where the cloud acts as the link between you and your Avatar. Internet connectivity and a smartphone are all that your Avatar needs to stay connected to you. It is like your real Avatar being present in another location while you are able to see and do things within actually being there.

Avatars can set their price for doing a specific task. And you can hire their physical presence using an easy to use app.

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