How to Better Manage Visits to Your Company or Residential Unit?

How to Better Manage Visits to Your Company or Residential Unit?

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Maintaining control of visitors to businesses or residential units is of utmost importance to ensure the safety and well-being of employees and residents. Unfortunately, today, visitor management continues to be a problem for most companies because the available platforms do not offer practical and really safe features. The most used systems are inefficient since they present failures such as the impossibility of maintaining the historical records of the people who enter, the lack of specific functions to attend to the movement of visitors, and the integration of the systems with the access control, which prevents the effective registration and identification process.

However, contrary to what is thought, the access control system doesn’t meet all the specific needs of visitor management, because the processes are different. The ideal way to solve this problem is to acquire software that is integrated with the access control system. Thus, such software can meet specific needs such as automatic data capture of documents and business cards, scanning and USB reading for quick identification and streamlining of registration procedures, which increases security.

Basic Characteristics

A visitor management software must have, among others, the following characteristics:

  • For the reception, separate applications: one for visitor management and another for access control (including databases), which guarantees speed in the update of the information and also the security processes.
  • The system is intuitive and easy to operate; thus, the operations can be executed without any undue interruption.
  • The possibility of being executed when there isn’t any internet connection.
  • Automatic storage of visitor data once your card is delivered.

It is clear that the use of visitor management systems is vital to optimize security.Therefore, it is necessary to use a secure solution, which allows organizations or residential units to automate the entire registration process of guests, printing of badges and obtaining detailed information in some seconds by simply scanning an identification document (such as a business card, driver’s license or a passport).This is a flexible, customizable solution with great functionality that adapts to the needs and wants of small and corporate organizations with different visitor management processes and regulatory requirements.

In summary, visitor management requires specific characteristics toimprove the control of people positively, optimize processes and improve security. Currently, there are different options for visitor management software with effective integration approved by the access control manufacturers, which allows the application to be executed successfully and practically

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