How to hire a hacker to get facebook password

How to hire a hacker to get facebook password

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Hello, today I am telling you the life story of my life. But for my safety I will not disclose the real names and locations, the story matters most than the real name or places. I was a simple high school boy, having lots of friend, boys and girls too. I joined another summer school, where I learn some computer coding. Every thing is in order, I am writing code, and the teachers are astonished by my ability to perform such tasks. Then i meet with a person named X in a party. She offered me money for my service. Surely I could use some extra cash, so I became a freelancer. Persons hire a hacker to get facebook password, such task is done by our group. Or they hire a hacker for cell phone tracking. The job is nothing, but the money is huge. By time I am getting so involve with this group, that I don’t have a way to return back. So how to hire a hacker to get facebook password

First I don’t have any clue, how the hacker works. Then I learned about the team coordination and became a team player. I wrote software’s for hacking different things like ATM, Slot machine or just for computer. Then our group starts receiving bigger tasks. Like the Bank Job we did in 2005 is all over the international news. The money is good, real good. Every one getting there cut from it. The cops are unable to find us, because then we move our HQ to another country. We are happy. Each day is a holiday for me. Then i visit the casino where I meet with another girl Y.

Money from the bank job is nearly finished, and I can smell my empty wallet. So I do some parttime job for a business magnet. He thinks his wife is sleeping with his friend. When he tries to hire a hacker to get facebook password of his wife, I respond. And give him proves that he needed to get rid of that silly bitch. Then once again I find that someone tryinghire a hacker for cell phone tracking. I was best in my job. I quickly send Y to meet with the man and final the deal. But there is no time where I sense that, Y is working with the FBI. Y returns with the job details, and I start to monitor the target person.

After the bank job, our group is scattered all over the world, chilling with the money. We are clueless that FBI is secretly behind us. Y suddenly comes with a plan to hack the World banks Server and still as much money as I can. But I know, this is a tough job, so I ask my team about it. They agree to do this job, because everyone getting equal shears. So we meet and make a plane for it to execute. But still, we have no idea that we are leading to a trap.

24 hours before the job, the X says to me.- Y is seems fishy. But I am blind in Y’s love and care nothing. I dreamed that,- with that money I go disappear with Y as my wife. So we gather all the hardware we need. We wrote proper software’s. And ready to do it.

We know that, if we start hacking in world banks server, there is no returning. We have to finish it. There is lots of money in the play. So we parted in team, and start our operation. But as per Y planned with FBI, we all get arrested one by one. This is shocking for me to find Y as a FBI agent. I am doomed. My whole dream is collapsed.

So after clearing ten years in maximum security jail, I get my house parole, where I am unable to use internet or any computer. If I got caught using a computer or laptop again, I have to return in jail for 20 years.

I learned my lesson, that doesn’t trust anyone. Now people come to me for hire a hacker to get facebook password or to hire a hacker for cell phone tracing or any other job they need to fulfill. But I closed the door in front of there faces. Why you people leave me alone. I lost my family, my reputation, my money everything. But all I care is Y, she did not love me. She was a professional just doing her duty. Still I love her, I will, i will…

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