How to Know when your Home Needs a Power Flush

How to Know when your Home Needs a Power Flush

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Does your boiler cut out on a regular basis? Are your heaters taking longer than usual to heat up? Do your radiators bleed discoloured water? If so then your home’s heating system might need a power flush. Please remember that it is always best to hire a professional such as MEP Engineers.

The purpose of a power flush

The main reason a power flush is used is to remove any sludge from the heating system. This sludge is basically iron oxide and it stops the heaters from working properly. The sludge gets stuck in the pipes between the boiler and the heaters.

The flush is more than just simple water. The wash also contains chemicals which break down the sludge. It is only after this has been done that the plumber will pump clean, fresh water down the pipes. After the power flush a good plumber will also use an inhibitor so that the pipes are protected in the future.

How long will it take?

Depending upon the plumber and also the size of the home, this should take around a day to complete. After the flush has been done you should find your heating system is restored as good as new.

Things to keep in mind

If the problems with the heating system are caused by a design fault, it would be a good idea to have that fault repaired before the flush. The amount of corrosion that has occurred will make a difference to how effective the flush is. It also won’t magically fix the decay or cause of the corrosion. All a power flush will do is eliminate the sludge and make the system more efficient.

Other potential solutions

As well as having a power flush, it might be a good idea to have other jobs done at the same time. Your heating system may benefit from new Thermostatic radiator valves for example. Or you could benefit from having a Magnaclean fitted to the system.

It’s a good idea to get a plumber out to assess the damage and to see what the best course of action is. A power flush might not always be the best solution. In some cases you may need to completely renew the heating system if the damage is too far gone. A good plumber will tell you the extent of the damage and the results you can expect from a power flush. Keeping your heating system in full working order will also lower your heating bills.

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