Learn Some Easy and Beneficial Ways to Design Business Cards

Learn Some Easy and Beneficial Ways to Design Business Cards

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From being a great marketing vehicle, business cards serve a best medium to improve existing promotional items. They are a popular handouts and giveaways at events. Business cards act as a marketing vehicle for the brand. As every business wants to excel from others, they want a card that makes them stand out from their competitors.

To make an amazing impact, the design of the business card needs to be distinctive and appealing. There are some easy tips that will help in creating the best business cards for a business.

Keep it Simple

Don’t fill your visiitkaardid with too much information. This will not look appealing to people and may put a bad image of your business. A business has to be clean with a lot of white space. There should be only relevant information mentioned on the card.

This information has to be the name of the business, specialization, and contact number. Interested users will contact you to learn more about your products and services.

Limit contact numbers

Phone numbers are the commonest way for people to contact you. People would visit your office only if they are satisfied with the conversation. Your business can have different contact numbers. It makes no sense to list them all.

You need to specify only selected numbers that would make your business reachable to them. Not just it will ease their work but also make your card look sophisticated, organized, readable and spacious. Graphic designers at Abiprint work hard to offer customers with services and products that ensure success of their business.

Social Media

Nowadays every person is having a presence on social media. They are more willing to communicate to your business via social media sites. It makes it important to provide this information to them via business card.  In place of spelling the complete handle, you can use the website logo icon. Users can easily find your business by simply typing your business name on the website.

High-Resolution Logo

Images or words written on your business card should be clear and easy to read and understand. Make your logo high in resolution. Don’t use cut and paste strategy or scanning method to use it on the card.

It will give you a blurred and hazy printing and will make your company look so unprofessional. You can even take assistance of a graphic designer to create a high-resolution image of your card. In place of making your logo again from the scratch, hiring a graphic designer saves a lot of money and effort.

Tips when hiring a printing company

  • Ensure their trustworthiness
  • Check the references
  • Learn about their past projects and see their samples
  • Ensure that they have the skills to deliver what you require
  • Should possess great communication skills


Business cards are one of those ways that create long lasting and powerful impact on people at a low cost/impression. Hope these design ideas would help in effectively accomplishing marketing objectives of your business.

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