Navigate the city with ease with the Smart Car range

Navigate the city with ease with the Smart Car range

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The Smart Car range is a fantastic choice for motorists that regularly drive in the city. The Fortwo for two people or the Forfour for up to four both have small dimensions and a small turning circle to make navigating the streets much easier, plus they both have an excellent economy and are surprisingly spacious inside.

Navigating towns and cities can be difficult as a motorist. Tight parking spots and narrow streets can cause even the best drivers some stress and anxiety, which lead to the rise of compact city cars in recent years. Taking this to the next level is the superb Smart Car range. These small yet expertly designed automobiles can make driving around a city not only easy but great fun too.

Let’s take a close look at the Smart Car range:


The Fortwo Smart Car designed for two people with pint-sized dimensions measures just 2.69 metres in length. This compact length allows motorists to park by just reversing up to the kerb instead of parallel parking so that you can fit into the tiniest of spaces with ease. In addition to this, the Fortwo also features a tiny turning circle and responsive handling which makes driving around narrow streets and making sharp turns much easier.

Despite its small size, you will find the interior surprisingly spacious once you step inside the cabin and the experience is further enhanced by the high-quality upholstery and panoramic windscreen.

On top of all this, the Fortwo has impressive returns of 68.90mpg and 93G/KM indicating that it has low running costs and you have to pay just £140 road tax annually.


Those that need to transport more passengers (such as families) will want to look at the Forfour used Smart Car for sale. Forfour can seat up to four adults and provide plenty of leg room, but again it has tiny proportions with a length of just 3.5 metres. It too can fit into tiny spots and benefits from a very small turning circle.

The Smart Forfour has a great economy with 67.3 mpg and emissions of just 96g/km – this result in road tax of £140 each year.

It is also worth noting that both the Fortwo and Forfour come with a host of impressive features and technology to improve the driving experience. The list includes features like anti-lock braking system, an onboard computer, hill start assist, crash sensor and cruise control just to name a few. Both vehicles also have a fresh, modern style and there is plenty of scope for personalisation to go along with the terrific practicality.

Those who live in the city know the stress of driving no matter how compact the car size gets. This is where the Smart Car range slots in, as the small dimensions and expert design can make it very easy to nip around and fit into the smallest of spaces.

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