Procedure to Convert FLV to MP4 via Movavi Video Converter

Procedure to Convert FLV to MP4 via Movavi Video Converter

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In general, HTML 5 is trying to slowly replace FLV with its best features to stream videos over the internet. Even though HTML 5 is having more features than FLV, but still now enormous numbers of peoples are using FLV to watch videos. Specifically, in the Social Medias like YouTube, facebook and much more, people are using FLV for its user-friendly service. But there is a drawback of using FLV has been occurred due to the technology development. As the technology is getting developed day by day, it is important to update yourselves in every situation. In order to use Mac or PC, the ordinary FLV with additional codecs installed could support your device. Even your mobile doesn’t support this kind of outdated technology. Therefore, if you need to watch any videos on any platform, then sure you have to convert FLV to other universal formats like MP4 or MPEG-4. In order to convert FLV to MP4, the Movavi Video Converter is very much useful.

Ways to convert FLV to MP4 via Movavi Video Converter:

  • At first, launch the FLV to MP4 converter on your device

You can download the Movavi Video Converter and then install it with the right instructions to install.

  • Open video converter to choose the video which you want to convert

Click ‘Add Media’ option and then select ‘Add Video’ option to proceed further.

  • You must previously set your output format. MP4 format will be the best one for perfect output

Click the MP4 preset group, followed with MP4 preset. In case you are going to convert FLV to MP4 then you have to locate your device model via clicking ‘Devices’ tab.

(In order to convert MP4 to FLV, vice versa is possible (i.e.) set the output preset as FLV)

  • Now the conversion of FLV to MP4 process will get started

The files which are converted will be saved default in Movavi Library folder. In order to change your output folder for your convenience, click the folder icon. After, you have alternated the settings; wait for the conversion process to get complete.

  • Now you have to upload that video to your device

The files which are converted will automatically work well and you can transfer those into your mobile device. From mobile also you can transfer the file to your computer.

By following the above-mentioned steps, you can easily convert FLV to MP4 via Movavi Video Converter.

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