Pros and Cons of Using a Cloud-based Phone System for Your Business

Pros and Cons of Using a Cloud-based Phone System for Your Business

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Moving to Australia opens up a lot of opportunities especially financial-wise since the economy of the country is one of the most stable in the world. Starting a small business is the best move to help your self adjust. And one of the most important things that you need when starting and running a business is a reliable phone system.

Cloud communications and software services are very popular among tech-savvies and business owners. So what is a cloud-based phone system? We will discuss more in this article as well as some pros and cons of using cloud-based phone system for your business.

What is cloud-based phone system?

A cloud-based phone system is a phone service delivered through the Internet. Some people refer to this as Internet-based phone system because unlike the traditional phone setting wherein you would need a physical phone to connect and use the functions, cloud phone system do not require you to have a physical phone as it is hosted VOIP and you just need Internet connection for it to function.


Advantages of cloud-based phone system

There are many advantages of using cloud-based phone system thus people are raving about it. Here are some benefits that you can get when you use VOIP Internet based phone system for your business:

  1. Ability to deliver calls via Internet connection – you do not need to be physically holding your landline phone to be able to make or receive phone calls. This is very much suitable for business owners who are always on the go. You can travel while still watching over your business by receiving calls from your customers or make calls to your clients.
  2. Pay for what you need – with a traditional phone system, you need to commit to monthly plans and pay for hardware and software which can be a bit demanding on your budget. But with a hosted VOIP phone system, you can only pay for the services that you need and features that you actually use. Now, if you need additional services as your business starts to expand and grow, then you can add features on your plan. Only during that time, you will pay for the extra services.
  3. Hosted service – since cloud-based phone system is hosted through cloud service, all you need is a good Internet connection and IP phone then you can readily use all its functions. You no longer need to spend money on maintenance of the equipment or hire IT to maintain and run all those tools.

Disadvantages of cloud-based phone system

While there are numerous advantages of using VOIP phone system, there are also possible downside to it. It is advisable to consider these disadvantages when deciding if you will go for a cloud-based phone system for your business.


  1. Voice quality – since cloud phone system relies on the Internet connection, there are times that voice quality could be a bit inconsistent or poor most especially if the Internet signal is weak.
  2. Connectivity dependency – another disadvantage is again with regards to using the Internet. If the signal is bad or the Internet is down, then you will not be able to use the VOIP system too.

Now, it is time for you to decide if cloud-based phone system is best for your business.

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