Recent sensation in online games

Recent sensation in online games

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When writing the history of twenty first century, people may nick name as Smartphone century. This is because the influence of Smartphone is high in our society.  Children above the age of two are using the Smartphone in this decade.  Shopping and playing games is the major things that people concentrate in those phones. The favorite pass time of many people in this generation is playing games.  Wherever you go, for example bus, train you can see many people are playing games in their phones.  In the starting stage, hanging is the result of playing games.  Instead of reducing these habits, they spend more money in the phones which do not hang.

 As these interests of playing online increased, many companies are involving themselves in developing the game.

Temple run, Candy crush, Clash of Clans, Mini militia is the evolution of Smartphone games.  The latest sensation in online game is Pokemon go.   People in all over the world are creating their own pokemon go account and started playing these games. If you see anyone roaming here and there with their smart phone, do not panic they are playing the Pokemon go game. Pokemon go is an online game.   There are many offline games available for the smart phones. But these games are preferred most because these games are more attractive than the other game.


In the other games, you don’t have to move yourself. Many of the parents are scolding their children for not moving anywhere.  But in the Pokemon go you have to move to certain places. It is a location based game.  Staying in place for too much of time is reduced in playing these games.  The number of download has been increased day by day in these games.   These games are used all over the world.  But you don’t have to pay amount for playing these games. The only thing you need is good internet facility.

You have to capture the Pokemon, candies and stardust to improve your stage in the game.  But now, you can buy those from the internet.  Everything becomes after attaining the huge popularity.  These are available in different rates. You can buy what suits you.  Buying these points is increased among the people.   It will help to increase the performance in the game.  You can also find the reviews in buying these points. Reading the reviews before buying the points is a wise idea.

Not very operating can play these games. Only the Android and Ios can activate and play these games.  You can also find the guides in the internet and also in the plays tore.  If you are a beginner or finding hard to play this game, you can make use of the guides available in the internet.  They will help you understand the nature of the game. The knacks and strategies are explained well in those guides.  At first, these games are released in certain countries. But it gets a huge popularity among the people.  So the developer has released these games to all over the country.