Some Effective Street Photography Tips to Take Better Photos

Some Effective Street Photography Tips to Take Better Photos

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The main purpose of street photography is to document society and everyday life on the streets. The person clicks street photography to enjoy and have fun getting out with the camera. The intension of the person should be to capture humanity, emotion and display the character of a person. There are some tips to identify opportunities to prepare for street photography without traveling to click great shots.

Select the best quality lens

It is important to decide the type of lens to use for street photography. Use a wide angled lens and a compact camera than a large DSLR. The advantage it gives to a user is being light in weight, smaller, and discreet.

True Colors

Though people use black and white with street photography but in reality colorful situations can also make a great shot.

Go Diagonal

Best cameras for street photography gives several options to user to bring about some amazing photos. For a better image, in place of holding the camera horizontally, you can experiment with angles.

Choose a unique subject to capture

Parades, street performers, and other types of street entertainment could be a great subject matter to capture in your photography.

Select the right camera settings

The fastest and simplest method to set up the camera for this photography is to switch your camera settings to aperture-priority mode. Now manually select f-stop (aperture) and ISO. This camera will decide the speed of shutter.

To overcome distortion, one can increase the ISO and select a wider aperture. Beginners can set their camera to program or auto mode. Choosing this mode will enable the camera to select the right settings on its own. Chiang Mai Photography is one of the best places to perform street photography.

Quieten the voice in the mind

Some people have the fear that the subjects that they are trying to capture will get angry. This can result in getting them threatened, physical attack or calling the police.  You need to remove all the fear and negative thoughts from your mind.

Keep in mind that your photography should not invade the personal space and privacy of a person. All you need is to locate an interesting spot and sit there with your camera. Music can be one of the ways that can avoid negative thoughts and help one to become relaxed and creative.

Get near to the subject

A wide-angle lens allows one to get close to the subjects. You will also combine it with the crowd instead of standing with a long lens across the street.

Shoot at night

Night photography is a great opportunity for clicking unique images. It is not as simple as clicking photos during the daytime. Pay attention to the low speed of shutters to prevent blur and use the aperture and ISO to reimburse for low light.

Don’t just focus on quality of image

Often people relate a good photography with the image quality. Image quality is not the only thing that determines the quality of your photography. You must also focus on composition, drama, light, and the story to makes a fabulous street image.


Street photography is a kind of photography that is done openly without getting permission of the subject. It is performed without the subject knowing about it. These are some great ways to click a more intimate picture of someone in his/ her environment.

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