Stay healthy by choosing your cars wisely

Stay healthy by choosing your cars wisely

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The scientists and engineers have always been doing some new innovations and development to help humans live comfortably and decrease their labour. The development of cars is the best reward one can ask for. Cars are the vital part of our lives now without which life would not be same. But we know that every invention comes with both positive and negative effects. Cars despite of all the advantages that it offers us, also exposes us to the toxic radiations emitted by it which is detrimental to mankind.

Follow these guidelines

Modern cars possess of too many electronic devices all of which emit these harmful electromagnetic radiations. Basic car models also expose the person to this threat but as the number of gadgets increase, the risk is multiplied. The effects of the radiations depend on the age and proximity of the person using the car. Measures should be followed to minimize exposure radiation cars. Some of tips are-

  • Choose cars with least electronic devices– the older cars are much better compared to modern ones because more gadgets means more radiations.
  • Cut down the use of GPS or any other communication gadgets– these are lethal sources of radiations.
  • Avoid LCDs– these not only distract the driver but also make you more exposed to radiations.
  • Use simple music systems– adding more number of speakers makes you more vulnerable to radiations.
  • Stay away from remote controlled techniques– remote controlled devices like door locks or feel tank openers increase the risk.
  • Read carefully the user’s manual– it comprises of all the possible risk factors which one must know.

Take the right decision

Avoiding cars is not possible but by following these tips, you can greatly reduce the risks and protect yourself. Select the option that suites your health and not your personality. Go wise. provides detailed information on Car Lease Prices, Car Lease vs Buy, Car Leasing, How to Get Out of a Car Lease and more.

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