Suresh Geddada Tampa FL is the QA World Bug Champion

Suresh Geddada Tampa FL is the QA World Bug Champion

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IF you know anything about mobile apps, then you know they’re not the most perfectly written and flawlessly executed pieces of software available, especially those that are touted as FREE.   In fact, there are so many bugs that can be found in free software that it would take a small army of testers to dig in and find them and report them all so that they could be fixed.

Instead, you can rely on Suresh Geddada Tampa Florida Application Tester extraordinaire, who is currently ranked as the number 3 Android bug finder in the nation, possibly the world.  This was a new ranking provided by the Application testing association of Florida, a long-time and well-known entity that highlights some of the greater things in the Tampa Bay area related to software and app development and testing.

“There’s just not enough qualified testers who can get out there and test these apps and report the bugs properly and then follow up on them and verify they’re fixed” reports a fellow QA enthusiast who also finds defects and reports on them, following the QA process for software development and test.

Suresh Geddada is a native of Delhi, India but he migrated to the United States in the 1990’s and studied application design including Ux/UI design since 2009 and was one of the earliest adopters of smart phone technology in the Tampa Bay area and has since grown significantly as a tester.   He’s been testing various apps and providing very reasonably priced software testing services for both mobile application testing as well as web application testing.   In 2018 Geddada expects to expand his offerings into providing expert testing services for iOS and iPhone as well as iPads in 2018.   Did you know that more web applications run poorly on these devices than almost any other device on the market?   Fortunately, Suresh Geddada is there to find these issues and report them right up to the top of the development chain, often exposing serious issues within the logic and design patterns and provides developers with valuable information so that they can fix and provide the public with better working apps.

The cycle of application development and testing relies on QA, or

Quality Assurance and Test to provide critical feedback to the developers.   Testing involves a structured set of parameterized and exploratory tests which expose not only loosely written code or poorly designed algorithms but can also expose elements of code to data that should not be exposed or in the worst cases security flaws which can further put a customer’s personal information or security of a phone at risk.  This is why good testing is critical to ensure the quality of an application, whether it’s a mobile app or a web app.  Without this testing using a customer’s perspective, the developers miss out on valuable opportunities to shake the code loose before turning it over to the public.   With more and more applications putting customer data and hardware at risk, it’s more important than ever for software developers and application developers to look for good testers.

Suresh Geddadda is just that type of tester that can not only provide critical feedback but also add value to the product by providing excellent services at a very low cost.   With a staff of three other testers, Suresh is providing key services to multiple shops across the country and the world and finding software bugs that could not only be an embarrassment by a software or app development company,  but could also turn into a liability if customer data is breached.    There’s no longer a need for these types of companies to hire and maintain a staff of software testers when Suresh Geddada can outsource his staff at a fraction of the cost and do it on a cyclical basis, whenever the software development lifecycle is at or near the final testing phase.   With so many mobile apps and webapps available, there’s no wonder that Geddada has broken out and created his own outsourcing company based on quality at a reasonable price.

When he’s not directing his team and taking on new customers, Suresh Geddada can be found rollerskating around Tampa and Ybor City and when he’s not doing that he enjoys watching his favorite comedian Hasan Minhaj on Netflix.