The Brand New Android Os Phone Has Showed up

The Brand New Android Os Phone Has Showed up

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It appears only yesterday Google released its beta form of Google Chrome the most recent accessory for Internet Browsers using the hypnotic saying “One bar for everything”. The dust about this latest accessory for google’s products have barely even settled but Google did it again using their G1 handset released on 23rd September by T-Mobile.

Of course, Google has produced a brand new standard in technology by providing this excellent open-source mobile O/S referred to as Android. Which makes the G1 phone probably the most accessible yet. Conventional phones have limited accessibility functionality as well as the feel of the Operating-system however with the G1 Android system you’ll be able to obtain close up and private using the source code making it your personal.

Options that come with this excellent new phone range from the notable internet browser Google Chrome with smooth touchscreen action. Probably the most exciting options that come with this phone may be the built-in support for Google Maps. Enter your friend’s address inside your phonebook with a little the screen you are able to instantly see on the internet Maps the place of the house. You’ve got no excuse to obtain lost using the G1, simply change to street view to take a look at nearby landmarks and roads on the way. It might take a while that you should explore this phone completely but because of so many great Google features packed into only one phone it will be an enjoyment not really a chore.

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