The World of LED Lights

The World of LED Lights

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LED lights are quickly becoming not only one of the most popular lights ever made, but one that is beginning to change the world around us in profound and meaningful way. There are some absolutely amazing things happening right now in regards to technological advancements and one of the most exciting fields to watch is the lighting industry. Although you may have heard about them on television or read about them somewhere, many people do not completely understand what it is about these remarkable lights that are so amazing.

When it comes to LED lights, it appears that there are no limits as to what you can accomplish. They are versatile in surprising ways, enabling you to make LED grow lights, Christmas lights, rope lights, and a whole host of other options. Although they have become extremely popular as a viable option for replacement bulbs in homes and businesses, they are also found used in tail lights and motorcycle lights.


LED light bulbs were first introduced back in the 1960s when developers needed an alternative to the traditional bulb. They wanted something that did not produces as much heat, didn’t need as much energy, and was more durable. What they achieved was all that and more. Because of the lack of a filament, something that incandescent bulbs use, they are extremely durable and have a shockingly long lifespan.

More about LED Lights

One of the aspects that turn some people away from LED lights is the initial cost, which is more than standard lighting. The typical incandescent bulb cost only about $2 a piece, where the LED is approximately $20 for a single light. This may sound like a lot, but if you break down the life spans of these products and average in how much they would each cost accordingly, you may be surprised at which one is truly the better deal.

If you were to run an incandescent bulbs nonstop until it burnt out it would last on average about 750 hours. That is about a month strait. The compact fluorescent, which is a better bulb, can last much longer with about 10,000 hours. This lasts almost 10 times longer than the incandescent bulb. LED lights can last orders of magnitude longer, with an average life span of about 100,000 hours of running nonstop, or about 11 and a half years. If you calculated how many bulbs that would take, you would have to purchase over $260 of incandescent bulbs compared to the single LED bulb. Whether it is Cree LED light bar, LED grow lights, Christmas lights, rope lights, or simply replacement bulbs, LED lights for homes are changing the world that we live in with a more efficient, cost effective and powerful bulb.