Top Benefits of OCR Receipt Scanning API Technology for Your Business’ Functions!

Top Benefits of OCR Receipt Scanning API Technology for Your Business’ Functions!

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While you might have heard the term OCR, you may not have enough knowledge about it. OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is a process that converts text on paper to editable text.

In fact, it can be described as comparison and scanning technique that is intended to identify the numerical data or printed text. It prevents need to retype the material that is already printed for the data entry. OCR software tries to identify the characters by comparing the shapes to the ones that are stored in software library.

It identifies the words by using the character proximity and tries to reconstruct original page layout. A very high accuracy can be acquired with the help of clear and sharp scans of top quality originals.

In very basic terms, OCR converts the text on paper to the text to be used in computer word processor. So now, you must be more curious about this technology, isn’t it? So, let us now check out its basics as well as benefits of OCR receipt scanning in the following section.

Important basics on OCR process

The first step in this process is scanning the document. Now, the next step is using computerized OCR software to OCR this image. Now, let us get a bit technical.

At first, OCR engine will divide up the page into grid of small boxes. It will then begin at top left corner of page and look at each of the box starting from left to right. It will assume that top of page is all white and so it will then keep on going down to next line and keep going until it sees box that isn’t white.

Now, the system will follow the character that it found and comes back to the place it started. It will cut that character and then compare it to number of templates. After getting best match, it will know the character, its font, and font size.

After that, it will compare following characters to the template until it notices different font. More advanced or sophisticated OCR receipt scanning API can even include formatting of document along with tables, graphics, headers, footers, and charts.

What makes OCR so beneficial?

  • It saves lot of time especially when using digital files instead of paper documents.
  • Documents can be text-searchable with the OCR processing. It offers you advantage of using name of the documents, addresses, reference numbers, and much more when searching your database.
  • OCR processing can greatly enhance your customer service. Taking incoming calls that need you to access the documents, then having them instantly available in the digital form can make customer experience much better due to the ultimate speed of searching for the files that they require.
  • OCR allows you to copy as well as paste from document itself regardless of the format of document.
  • It is also well known to boost up staff morale when the working environment is easier to work as well as less paper-centric.

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